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Kube for Kolab Now

Early access to our next-generation desktop client Kube is available for Kolab Now users!

Proceed to the download and installation instructions to get started.

The Kube conversation view for your inbox.

Early access to Kube for Kolab Now is currently exclusively available through Flatpak, which will allow us to provide you with regular updates as development continues.

We’re very happy to go on this journey with you and are looking forward to your feedback!

What’s a Kube?

With Kube we bring a secure, high-performance communication and collaboration client to Kolab Now users that gets the job done and is pleasant to use. There is a strong focus on usability and keeping things simple, so you can use Kube when you need to, and quickly get on with whatever you are actually doing with your life.

After assessing the situation with available solutions it became clear that our best shot is to build on the years of experience that we have with them, and build something fresh based on modern technology.

What’s in a Kube?

Kube is underpinned by a high-performance backend that uses LMDB key-value store for storage and a UI written exclusively in QtQuick. C++ provides all the necessary glue, which ensures that the codebase remains highly portable.

We put extra focus on portability and maintainability, and as such Kube remains a small codebase with few dependencies. This ensures that we can target a variety of platforms, and that development can move fast to bring new features to your desktop.

Next Goals

This is work in progress, so there are of course a couple of rough edges to iron out, which we will do continuously during development. However, there are also some larger line items in the pipeline:

HTML Composer

The Kube compose window for new email.

Because Kube currently only sports a simple plaintext-only composer, one of our next additions will be a simple HTML text editor. You will of course still be able to edit in plaintext if you prefer that, but we want to provide some simple styling and formatting options as well.

Availability on OSX and Windows

Kube is cross platform, and to live up to that promise we’ll be working on releases on both platforms in the near future. This effort will not yet include mobile platforms, we’ll keep that item for a bit later in the process.

GPG Support

While we have already integrated basic GPG support that allows you to read encrypted emails and verify signatures, we’ll want to supplement that with all the necessary bits that allow you fully end-to-end encrypted communication while keeping the user experience intact.