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Kube flatpak, now slightly slimmer

While working on our flatpak build infrastructure I noticed that the flatpak is much larger than it should be. After quickly digging into the flatpak one of the culprits was quickly found; a bunch of unnecessary files such as include files were left.

After making sure those are removed, the flatpak is now roughly 60MB lighter on the download and 230MB lighter when installed.

$ flatpak --user remote-ls kolabnow -d
Ref                                 Commit       Installed size Download size
app/com.kolabnow.kube/x86_64/master 6266205c4299 519.8 MB       143.9 MB

If you’re interested in looking into it a flatpak yourself, here’s how it’s done:

flatpak run --command=bash com.kolabnow.kube

This will run bash instead of kube inside the flatpak, so you are free to explore the contents. All files installed by the application are found under /app.

For more info about Kube, please head over to About Kube.