Support Kube through Kolab Now for fun and profit!

If you ever wanted to try Kube a great way to do so is with a Kolab Now account. You will not only reap the benefits of using an secure, Switzerland hosted Open Source service, but you will also help sustain the development of Kube.

Kube now sports a sign-up link, allowing you to sign up directly from the setup page, which will result in a Kube Kolab Now account.

Use the link at the top of the page to get the reduced price offer.

The Kube Kolab Now account is special in that its feature set will follow the Kube feature set, and so will its price. So if you sign up now, for a more limited feature set, you not only benefit from a reduced price but also receive free upgrades in the future as we’re adding new features to Kube! You can still take advantage from the web interface from the beginning though, if you want to complement Kube with that.

Even if you are not sure if you want to take out a subscription, the 30 day trial allows you to test the service and get a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

So get Kube now and sign up for your account =)

If you contribute to Kube in some form, be that writing documentation, testing, filing bugs or somehow else helping Kube, your Kolab Now account just might be free ;-). Get in touch with me!

For more info about Kube, please head over to About Kube.

10 thoughts on “Support Kube through Kolab Now for fun and profit!

  1. I’ve been wanting to migrate my personal email and domain away from GApps for a while now and Kolab Now has some good reviews 🙂 I want a provider which provides standard IMAP access to work with IMAP Clients 🙂

    If I was to sign up to Kube for Kolab Now, does this mean my webmail would only have Mail and Contacts too?

    1. If you use Kube to sign up with Kolab Now, you will have the price for your account set, even though more features will be added to Kube, and enabled for your account on Kolab Now.

      So, when Kube implements tasks, your web client will also have the tasks application, but the price for your account will remain the same.

  2. So at the moment a Kube Kolab Now Account would only have mail and contacts available on Webmail, until Kube has calendar support and this will then be unlocked on webmail and so forth?

    1. OK. Is this by any chance Roundcube Next (which is said to be developed in tandem with Kube) being shown in an alpha state for the Kube Kolab Now account?

      Having experience with Roundcube 1, there is no cross-folder threading, nor push updates (IMAP-Idle), so a web client which goes hand-in-hand with Kube would be superb, particularly if it works well on mobile devices

    2. I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but what you get access to with the Kube Kolab Now account is just Roundcube.

  3. And might this be the long-awaited Roundcube Next being unveiled and built in parallel with Kube?

    I’m very close to moving away from google apps – Kolab Now and Fastmail are the top two I’ve narrowed it down to.

  4. Has development effort on Roundcube Next largely ceased in favour of Kube? (Certainly, Kube looks interesting in its own right, though.)

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