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Incident Report: DNSSEC record expired

On Saturday morning (CET) the DNSSEC records expired on one of our DNS servers. This caused a group of customers to have troubles logging in and connecting to Kolab Now services. The record has been renewed and all customers should have access (at 22:49 CET – Please read below).

As not all DNS servers are performing DNSSEC calls to our DNS server, only a small group of customers were impacted.

The issue was realized at Sunday afternoon (CET), and the DNSSEC record was updated right  away; at 17:49. The ‘Time To Live’ (ttl) for these records are on some DNS servers up to 5 hours. For that reason, some customers would only have gained access to the Kolab Now services as late as 22:49 (CET).

Should you still have troubles with DNSSEC and Kolab Now services, please – as always – contact

We apologize for any inconvenience this incident might have caused.