Kube’s gained some manpower

Around FOSDEM this year we have found some fresh manpower for Kube! Please welcome Rémi, who is doing an internship with us, and is working on Kube during that time. He was quick to land his first few patches and is now busy implementing the first few steps for CalDAV based calendaring support.

I for one am exited to see what he will come up with =)

8 thoughts on “Kube’s gained some manpower

  1. So far, loving the effort on Mac. It’s a beautiful client and of course much nicer looking than Thunderbird even its early stages. Excited for the potential.

    So far the issues I’ve encountered are:
    1) Trouble removing accounts
    2) Kube is unable to sync large mailboxes and just ‘chokes’ and then never attempts to resynchronise no matter how many times I try to click on the mailbox (it does however get the folder list). HOWEVER when set up with a brand new mailbox, it does sync the changes as it goes along.
    3) No INBOX folder visible for some Fastmail accounts!!
    4) Only service I can send mails with is Kolab Now.

    Besides this, I’m excited to see this and see bugs ironed out as Kube gets in to more users’ hands!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback =)
      I’ve seen your bugreports, and we’ll look into them eventually. As noted before we are indeed focusing on Kolab Now, and other services go largely untested, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do better in the future.

    2. Many thanks Christian.

      All is understood. The most recent mac build fixes problems with adding and removing accounts 🙂

      I understand the focus is on Kolab Now with testing. But given that you are building to IMAP/SMTP/CARDDAV/CALDAV, later on to iron out bugs, as Kube reaches a wider audience, would fixing more bugs then be a priority later on in development?

      To me the confusion arises when you say the focus is on Kolab Now but building IMAP/SMTP/CALDAV/CARDDAV. If you’re building to the spec, it shouldn’t matter too much which service you are building for, and fixing most things later on down the line should just be the case from testing 🙂

    3. Great =)
      Sure, if there are bugs in standard compliance then we have to iron those out, and indeed in a perfect world it will automatically work with all other services using the same standards.
      In practice services support different subsets of available standards (and their various extensions), and sometimes the behavior can even differ if they are supposed to be adhering to the same standards, so we end up with service specific bugs anyways. So saying the focus is on Kolab Now is really just saying that this is what we usually test first, and that we are probably not too eager to use extensions that are not (yet) used by Kolab Now.

    4. I can confirm two of the bugs are fixed on Mac 🙂 Kube now no longer chokes on large mailboxes 🙂

  2. Great work so far!! Makes Kontact look like it’s from the dinosaur age!!

    Still, Kolab mains ‘mum’ on the webclient plans for Roundcube Next – previous comments by Aaron and also Christian have said that the UX/UI would be developed in coordination to achieve a consistent experience across both, hopefully this will soon be the case. It’s beyond me how long it can take for there to be an examination into started works as Jeroen has said needs to be done.

    Every other service has a webmail which can update in realtime. I like Kolab Now, but it may be time to look to alternatives if the webmail doesn’t show any chance of improving soon!

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