Kube on Mac OS

Kube on Mac OS

After a week of getting to grips with how Qt development on mac works and wrangling various build issues, I am pleased to finally report success =)
Kube on Mac OS is alive!

From my tests it seems like most things are working as they should. There are some icons that don’t do well with HiDPI displays it seems, and I’ve seen a couple of scaling issues with HTML mails in Webengine view, and I also haven’t really tested GPG support yet. BUT, the rest seems to work just fine.

However, I invite you to give it a try yourself and report success or failure in the comments.

Download Kube for Mac OS

The provided .dmg should be backwards compatible to Mac OS 10.9, although I have only tested it back to 10.11.6.

For more info about Kube, please head over to About Kube.

15 thoughts on “Kube on Mac OS

  1. Just ran it on a Mac 10.13.3 system. All I get is a window saying “select your new account type” but everything else is blank. Are there prerequisites that I need to have installed before it will work?

    1. Thanks for your feedback Brian and sorry to hear you only got that far.
      There really shouldn’t be any prerequisites that you need to take and that screen should give you a list of account types to select from.
      What you could try is running kube from the commandline (e.g. ~/Desktop/kube.app/Contents/MacOS/kube) and gather the output, perhaps that yields some pointers.

      Meanwhile I’ll try cleaning up my test Mac system, to find out why this isn’t working.

    2. Ahh I see, I’m running the application on Macbook + Thuderbolt display. I had to make the Kube window _extremely_ wide (doesn’t fit on to 2 monitors) in order to see the buttons. I can take a screenshot if you like. I think it’s just a window sizing/drawing issue.

      Thank you for the reply!

    3. That’s good to know and a screenshot would be much appreciated. Feel free to open a bugreport over at https://phabricator.kde.org/project/board/238/ or post a screenshot here, it would be very useful indeed.
      I have noticed a couple of scaling issues with HighDPI displays in general, we’ll have to do an iteration on that.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    4. I think I have meanwhile found the issue and fixed it in the latest version to download.
      Let me know if it is better now.

  2. Awesome that works much better! However after I selected gmail, I accidentally hit return without entering any information and have no way to get back. Ah I found it, if I hit the lines that allows me to edit again! Thanks for the quick turn around!

    1. Good point. Some extra validation before blindly accepting would clearly be a good idea.

    2. We actually do some basic validation in that we check that the boxes aren’t empty.

  3. Runs very nice with my Kolab Now account on Mac and I’m loving elastic on my android phone too (hope we will see this in an app wrapper).

    Feature request: do you think we could have an option in settings further down the line that when we delete a conversation we can delete it in every folder, like in sent folder too?

    1. We try hard to avoid options for as long as possible and have only the few that are absolutely necessary. Hopefully we’ll just find a solution that is acceptable to most of us.

      So you would like to move your mails from the sent mail folder to trash as well?

  4. The ability to select multiple emails (ctrl + click) would be awesome.

    This works with Kolab Web Client + Elastic too!

  5. Also a ‘+’ Sign for a quick folder creation somewhere in the UI (preferably at the bottom of the mail view) would be very valuable 🙂

    1. Yeah, folder management is currently completely missing and not very high on the priority list. But I agree, that would be desirable as well.

  6. Also ability to move whole conversation to a folder, including the corresponding sent-item, so that we can keep our sent items tidy and have the whole thread in one folder together. If optional, this would be good.

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