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Kube on Mac OS

Kube on Mac OS

After a week of getting to grips with how Qt development on mac works and wrangling various build issues, I am pleased to finally report success =)
Kube on Mac OS is alive!

From my tests it seems like most things are working as they should. There are some icons that don’t do well with HiDPI displays it seems, and I’ve seen a couple of scaling issues with HTML mails in Webengine view, and I also haven’t really tested GPG support yet. BUT, the rest seems to work just fine.

However, I invite you to give it a try yourself and report success or failure in the comments.

Download Kube for Mac OS

The provided .dmg should be backwards compatible to Mac OS 10.9, although I have only tested it back to 10.11.6.

For more info about Kube, please head over to About Kube.