Quick keyboard navigation in Kube

It was already previously possible to navigate through Kube by moving the keyboard focus using tab and arrow keys, however that is neither fast nor efficient. To be able to really blaze through your Inbox we naturally require VIM style keybindings. To move through the UI we want to be able to go through folders, threads and mails using a single key press, without worrying where the focus currently is.

The Conversation view thus sports the following hotkeys:

Jump to next thread: j
Jump to previous thread: k
Jump to next message: n
Jump to previous message: p
Jump to next folder: f, n
Jump to previous folder: f, n
Compose new message: c
Reply to the currently focused message: r
Delete the currently focused message: d
Mark the currently focused message as important: i
Mark the currently focused message as unread: u
Scroll the conversation up/down: Arrow keys
Show a help popup with these hotkeys: ?

These shortcuts are usable from anywhere within the Conversation view, so you can blaze through your Inbox in no time.

9 thoughts on “Quick keyboard navigation in Kube

  1. I cannot see my Inbox in Kube, just the other folders.
    Am I doing anything wrong? It’s the Kolabnow version.

    1. Are you using the flatpak or the macos image?

      The only known cause of this is that the inbox is not subscribed, as kube only displayed subscribed mailboxes.
      I have recently changed this to always include the inbox anyways, but the kolabnow flatpak is currently lagging behind a bit due to a technical problem that prevents me from updating it. The official flatpak at https://kube-project.com/getit.html (the first one at the top) should be slightly more up-to-date so you could verify whether that helps.

      I’ll try to update the kolabnow flatpak asap though.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Just updated on Mac – it’s already my primary mailclient.

    Where is the search bar though? I thought this would be above the inbox, or will search only be available in the dedicated search view?

    1. Awesome, that’s great to hear =)

      Yes, the discoverable search will be in a dedicated search view. You can already use ctrl + f to search in the current folder though.

  3. How about defaulting to KMail-style keyboard shortcuts, integrate KHNS, and allow for community presets?

    1. Community presets is in general an interesting idea for customization, but that’s long term stuff really.
      Just changing the defaults to another set does IMO not improve much, and the ones we have right now are rather widely used,
      not only by vim, but also by the likes of gmail.

  4. This email client is phenomenal.

    Flagging is so easy, letting me sort through my inbox deleting unnecessary emails, and flagging the ones which need actions.

    Keep up the great work.

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