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Kolab Now Responsive Skin

We’ve received many requests to make the web client more useful on mobile devices, so we’ve put some of our development focus on a responsive skin for the Kolab Now web client, and in turn Kolab. The result already got great feedback from the early adopters, now the skin has been updated with fixes and additional functionality.

To test the new skin and functionality, please go to: and login with your Kolab Now user login.

Let’s understand that this is a beta site. This means that the software will be updated and improved with the latest and greatest of the releases to come, but it also means that the site might go down for short periods once in a while, when the software needs to be updated.

With the responsive skin, the user is getting the same extended functionality of the Kolab web client as with any other skin — just better; with the responsive skin, the user interface will match the real estate that is available.

Here is a short view of some of the screens:


First and foremost, when working on a standard desktop machine, the skin is offering everything as it would in any other skin. The windows are expandable to the full extension of the screen:

As the space get’s less (this time on a pad) the Folders menu is now invisible, and needs to be called via the small folder icon above the mail list.

One the phone, the screen space is even smaller, and now only one menu is available.

The two hidden menus are called by swiping the finger one way or the other…

..and select the mail and double tab it to get the full view of the mail.

All the highly valued Kolab functionality is available through the responsive skin: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Files, Tasks, Notes ….

…and 2 Factor Authentication, which means, that you now have the opportunity to secure your login with 2FA – even when on a mobile device.

(More information about 2FA can be found in this knowledge base article.)

If you haven”t already tried it, please go to: and login with the Kolab Now login information.