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Kube Campaign: Last Chance

The proposition of the Kube campaign is the following:

You sign-up now via Kube for a Kolab Now account, and pay only for the currently available feature-set that Kube provides at the moment. The web client will be limited to the same feature-set, but as Kube progresses and covers more features you will also get those features for the web client, while you get to keep your reduced subscription price.

This allows you right now to get a new account for 1.99 only, instead of 8.99, and all you have to do is download Kube and use the sign-up link available from the Kolab Now account configuration.

Use the “Sign up now!” link on top.

As we are closing in on a functional calendar in Kube, a rather significant feature addition, we will also have to raise the price, perhaps to as much as 5.99.

So last chance to get on board now, go download Kube and sign-up.