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The end of short logins..

In our ever ongoing effort to improve the service and get rid of legacy, we are again removing old infrastructure and replacing it with new. Where as this is seamless and invisible to some users, we have seen that others are running into – e.g. login issues.

Years ago, when ‘’ changed name to ‘’, we made a change that pushed users to use the full email address to login to the service. E.g. John Doe with the email could login to the web client with the login john.doe before the change, but after the change he would need to use .

For many different reasons getting rid of the old infrastructure turned out to become a long affair, and some users never got around to change their habit of using the short login. As we are getting closer to getting rid of the last piece of the old infrastructure, these users will more and more often hit new infrastructure, and get required to login with their full email address.

If you are among our loyal longtime users, and you suddenly experience problems logging in to our systems, then please make sure that you are actually using your full email address as login.

Should you still be unable to login, then please contact support via

bɪvrɒst or