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Another iPhone ‘LIST-STATUS’ issue [FIXED]

In the beginning of the week we got a list of reports from users of iPhone connected via IMAP. These users reported that they were unable to list their mail folders. You can read about this issue in a previous blog post on this blog.

We promised to work on a solution, and to update you when the issue was resolved. That time is now.

Our operations has been able to suppress LIST-STATUS on the frontend IMAP servers, and do this so it is making any troubles for neither Outlook users nor iPhone users.

In short: iPhone users should now be able to connect their iPhones to Kolab Now via IMAP using the generic IMAP configuration values as described in this knowledge base article, and they should have no troubles listing their mail folders when doing so.

Should you be an iPhone user, and still have issues in this context, then please contact Support.

We thank our users for their patience.