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Service Window: Independence Day, July 4th

In what may come as a shock move to some, but is abundantly clear to need to have happened to many much more well informed, Kolab Systems AG, and therefore Kolab Now, is changing the IP space that it uses primarily.

A service window is needed to implement this progression, and this service window is, for now, scheduled early July 4th, 2019, from 05:30 to 07:00 UTC.

What Does That Mean?

During the service window ranging from 05:30 to 07:00 UTC on the morning of July 4th, we cannot guarantee service. Some re-wiring and some re-routing is needed to move one tier up from a datacenter colocation space reseller, to a colocation space vendor.

This is a preparatory move, facilitating the move of all our infrastructure from essentially our previous reseller’s IP space to our future direct vendor’s IP space. The remainder of changes involved should be happening over the course of the next few months.

Ultimately, these changes are very technical, and the reason they need to happen are also technical, as well as part of a bigger picture. I wish to be able to inform you as steps of the process prior to when and why they are executed, rather than narrate everything in this particular service window announcement.