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Bitpay is being a Bitc^H

You may have noticed BitPay isn’t a payment option to our service any longer. If that’s what you wanted to be using, please read this article.

BitPay will simply not lift the cap on our account, whereas so far Stripe and PayPal have.

While BTC transactions remain a largely unregulated territory, BitPay as a broker, a payment service provider, clearly has its own set of requirements — the recipients of payment through its service need to be known.

So, while I’m known to Stripe, and PayPal, both subject to the same requirements but much more well-established, BitPay is inclined to adhere to a completely different standard — no submission of identifying information has so far succeeded to pass their seemingly arbitrary standard — it appears as if BitPay either refuses or is incapable of having a human view documentation and declare it legible.

Alongside the complaints from our customers about the transaction fees associated with BitPay being the broker, Kolab Now is considering running its own blockchain-backed payment service. It would be Free and Open Source Software, but requires some additional thought in the procedural, business-wise.

Neither will it make a dent in the volume for BitPay itself (i.e. no leverage), nor will it happen any time soon (i.e. the next few months). Strategically though, BitPay should reconsider it’s practices and Kolab Now customers and the service alike would be better off if we did not have to rely on whatever kafkaesk bureaucracy payment service providers might mistakenly pride themselves having.