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How Kolab Now Deals with SARS-Cov-2 (aka. Covid-19, Corona Virus)

There’s been four distinct aspects of the current pandemic we’ve needed to deal with, and I’ll attempt to state where they come from, and what the consequences are or have been or will be.

1. Kolab Staff Works From Home Now

Most of the Kolab Now team worked from a home office setting for some part of the week to begin with. An inhibition to commute to an office location simply means more of the working from that home setup as one did.

Any sort of definition to a “shelter in place” or “stay at home” type of order has simply meant our staff is perhaps less productive than they would be — but you try and blame their kids.

2. You Kolab from Home Now, Too

Contrary to every other corporation’s marketing department jumping on the bandwagon, stating something along the lines of; “if you pay for the base subscription you can now get features for free”, the Kolab team has decided that you can just get things for free. Please see this post for more details.


3. The Vacuum

In part, many businesses have just shut down, and in real terms traffic is significantly lower. There’s no position in which the Kolab Now team could maneuver itself that is either beneficial to itself, or beneficial to those businesses — other then offering for free what they would pay for elsewhere.

4. The Pressure

Many businesses have not been prepared to deal with a scenario in which a state enforces restrictions to employee’s constitutional liberties. We have certainly seen an increase in general inquiries for the facilitation of remote work. Most of these are clearly answered in the positive, but its clearly draining APM.


This is the extent to which the team is impacted, and what we’re able to do for customers.