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The Future of Kolab Now: Part IV

With the new HKCCP, we are laying the groundwork for future improvements. It gives us a solid foundation to develop and deliver new features that would not have been possible or maintainable in the old system. One such feature is video conferencing.

We wanted to add a video conferencing to Kolab for a while, but we wanted to avoid the security and access issues seen elsewhere. COVID-19 has put it up in priority quite a bit. With our account management system overhaul reaching the final stages, we decided it was time to proceed working on it with more priority. The code can be found here.

Here is what it currently looks like:

We have been using the open source software OpenVidu for our internal conference calls for some time, so it was only natural to use it as the basis for our video conferencing system. OpenVidu provides a great platform for building WebRTC based video chat applications. In the spirit of integrating great open source software rather than reinventing the wheel, we are going to do just that.

Kolab Now is for people who value privacy and control over what information they want to share with whom. One of our major design goals is to make that as convenient as possible. This will manifest in an implementation according to the Traffic Light Protocol .

You can expect some form of beta for all Kolab Now users later this year. We are looking forward to your feedback.