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Pricing Restructure, but Is Santa Real?

’tis the season to be jolly, and at Kolab Now we certainly are. 2020 has been such a smooth year, with only a few minor issues on the international scene, that we decided to do something good for once. Santa is working on his own schedule; we can’t count on him to deliver presents (You can track him here), but here are the presents – from all of us to all of you…

Everybody gets their mailbox size increased to at least 5 GB free of charge, included with any base subscription. If you had already purchased additional storage, the first 5 GB are rendered free of charge.

The price for a “just email” account is increased, but existing customers will continue to be charged at existing prices.

The price for a Full Kolab account is decreased, and now includes ActiveSync. Existing customers with a Full Kolab account will pay the new, lowered prices.

Should you wake up tomorrow morning and still have questions about the new prices, then please take a look at this knowledge base article..

.. or contact Support.