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Our Statistics for 2020

Our terms of service state there’s basically no way for anyone to get any access to your data without us also being able to talk about the fact it happened.

Like the last time we declared having made a full eclipse around the sun at an arbitrary date, here’s our statistics for 2020.

NOTE: I hope you will pardon me for not typing most of this again. The statistics largely remained the same, so I have elected to copy/paste the information and work from there. The largest chunk of changes will be in the “extrajudicial requests” section.

Administrative Requests: 0

This type of request would ask for “who owns this email address?” and “what information do you have about them?”. This is the information you fill out in the registration form and/or dashboard. It is also the information we use when you state you have lost your 2nd authentication factor device (albeit we have tips to prevent that). We tend to desire a phone number to be included so that we can resolve the issue quickly.

Anyway, it’s that type of data about your account.

In 2020, we have received zero such requests.

Retroactive Metadata Requests: 0

This type of request asks for the metadata for an account, meaning the source IP addresses that may have been used, the senders to and recipients from the account, and such “metadata” — but not the content.

We have received zero such requests in 2020.

All Data Requests: 1

With this type of request the judiciary commands us to surrender all data we possibly have on a named account, alongside a clear articulation of the case details and charges against the subject. In other words, it is all metadata and all contents. This type of request is often preceded with a more informal request to put a “legal hold” on the account, such that no data is lost while the process of paperwork and adjudication is completed.

We have received one such request in 2020, with which we have complied.

Live Interception Requests: 0

This type of request is the digital equivalent of a “wire tap”. Obviously, the metadata is available, but this case is special because it includes content. Not only does it do that, but it also includes near real-time monitoring of what’s going on with the account. As such, it is one of the most intrusive requests.

Again, 2020 has yielded zero such requests to us.

Wrapping Up

Have a great 2021, and may it be a better “2020 2nd edition” than most Hollywood sequels.