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Announcing Service Window: Updates to Kolab..

This Saturday, 19th of June 2021 at 09:00 UTC, the Kolab Now operations team will perform an update of the Kolab software on the Kolab Now platform. The update will add a few features for our support and admin personnel, which are hidden from normal users. Of course we also take the opportunity to fix a line of minor defects with the same update.

The service window is expected to last for no more than 1 hour, ending on Saturday, 19th of June 2021, at 10:00 UTC.

The change includes a database schema upgrade and the conversion of payload expected to take no more than a minute. The service window is declared for the purpose of allowing a contemporary backup, so that a potential rollback scenario can be facilitated.

The change further includes an update to our Kolab Meet platform from OpenVidu 2.16 based to OpenVidu 2.18.

Users can follow the status of the change via the Kolab Ops Twitter account. They can keep working and collaborating online as usual.

Should you have any issues in this or any other context, then please contact Kolab Now SupportĀ