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Updates to Kolab Now..

This Friday the operations team is rolling over the Kolab Now system and deploying a set of new updates. However, thanks to the redundancy in the architecture, users will not see any downtime or service interruptions.

The update contains a lot of code, preparing the system for future features, and one update to the Voice & Video feature.

The Voice & Video feature was originally build on top of the OpenVidu framework. This was creating a good ground for kicking off this new feature, but the team was not convinced about the performance of the beta version, and decided to change technology. A new platform, Mediasoup, was introduced to replace OpenVidu, and today we proudly deploy this new piece of software. The frontend is still the same, so if you didn’t read this post, then you would probably not be aware of the change.

Apart from the new Voice & Video, we deploy the last pieces for the coming MFA, an update for the password complexity rules, and a list of new beta features for participants in the private beta program.

As mentioned above, no impact on end users is expected. Should you however see anything unusual or run into any issues, as always, please contact support via


A (human) issue made us run out of time on Friday morning, and we did not want to make the a stressed deployment on a Friday afternoon. The update was postponed until Monday morning (2022-04-25 CEST).