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Important: DNS settings @KolabNow

This goes out to those users who joined our service back in the days when it was still called MyKolab.

(Note: No emails were hurt during the writing of this blog post)

In 2015 our service changed its name from MyKolab to Kolab Now – as we know it today.

At the same time a large shift to new and more modern infrastructure was started. Old stuff was phased out and new stuff came in (take a look in the knowledge base for what we run today). One part of the infrastructure that was replaced was our MX structure, and although we did not turn off the MX right away, users were told that they would have to change to the new infrastructure at at some point.

Many users changed right away, but some might have missed the warnings, because we still see today that some users try to connect to e.g. the old MX ( or the old IMAP servers (

The time has come where the last piece of the old infrastructure is getting removed. Soon you will not be able to connect to the old servers anymore. Therefore we encourage you to check that your configuration is valid according to these KB articles:

Specifically we have noticed that a number of users have their MX records still pointing to the old settings (see the DNS configuration) – to avoid any issues with sending and receiving emails on those Kolab Now accounts, we would advise you to reset the DNS Settings according to the knowledge-base article:

MX      10
MX      10

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our support.