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Incident report: ‘Gateway Timed-out’ at login

On Saturday January 14th, 2023, from approximately 03:47:12 UTC a group of Kolab Now users observed an error stating: “Gateway time-out” when trying to login to the webclient, the dashboard, or connect with any desktop or mobile client. The Kolab Now main page and all other services (Support, blog and knowledge base) were available with no issues for these same users.

The issue lasted until approximately 08:04:22 UTC, and was caused by a db server in one of the clusters being stuck in a large operation. The issue caused troubles with the login procedure, but had no impact on the mail flow. No mail was lost or delayed during the incident.

Previous incidents have also been caused by db servers swallowing resources during large operations. The assignment of resources to db clusters and other servers handling such large operations of this type is just one of many items that will be touched during next weeks service window.

If you were among the group of users that was impacted by this, then please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.