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Announcing Service Window: Caching infrastructure..

Lately we have had reports from users of the Kolab webclient who saw a variety of issues such as: login issues, some data entries being hidden and showing up again and folder creations failing. As this was seriously affecting the reliability of the webclient, we put the deployment of new features on hold to investigate the root cause of those issues.

According to our investigation the disruption was caused by a failing memcached backend, which resulted in the aforementioned symptoms for users that ended up on that backend. However, to avoid the same issue in the future we will have to upgrade the underlying caching infrastructure. This will cause some disruption for end users, and hence we hereby announce the service window for these operations to be executed:

From Friday 2023 04 21 at 09:00 UTC until 2023 04 21 at 11:00 UTC.

During the service window all active sessions will be terminated, which will lead to users having to log-in again. We don’t expect other irregularities during the service window.

Should you have any issues in this or any other context, before or after the service window, then please contact Kolab Now Support.