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Service window postponed – Due diligence..

Last week we announced a service window that was supposed to start and be in session about now. However, following due diligence we went through the list of activities last night and found that we had overseen an important step in the plan. The operations that are going to happen are on the backend servers, are quite sensitive, and we would like to avoid any problems. We therefore suspend the current service window and hereby declare it for the coming Friday:

Friday 2023-06-30 at 08:00 UTC until 13:00 UTC.

During the service window users will find the service unavailable in short periods, but we will work to keep the disruptions to a minimum. We don’t expect other irregularities during the service window.

Before, during and after the service window, users can follow the progress at: Kolab Ops Twitter account.

Should you have any issues in this or any other context, before or after the service window, then please contact Kolab Now Support.

We thank you for your patience.


2023-06-30 @ 08:00 UTC Update: The service window is in progress. connections to backend servers are blocked at the moment to prevent any mails from being dropped. A few last second synchronizations are being executed.
2023-06-30 @ 08:50 UTC Update:
The ‘last second’ synchronizations of a few backend servers are taking longer than expected. That is why the connection is still not there. we’re working on it.
2023-06-30 @ 12:15 UTC Update: The Kolab Now webclient is now available, but we have been made aware of an issue with the IMAP connections. We are looking into it with the highest priority.
2023-06-30 @ 12:19 UTC Update: Also the last IMAP issue has been resolved now. All should be fine and online. Please let Support know of any issues.
2023-06-30 @ 14:10 UTC Update: An unexpected result of the update done this morning was a miscalculation of quota. Some users already found out, and we have taken notice of their issues. As I am typing this we are fixing the miscalculation across the board. We will update this  post again when the fix is done for all.
2023-06-30 @ 15:30 UTC Update: We are done with the implementation and fix of the quota issue. If you were one of the unfortunate users who saw a fallout of the quota issue, then please login to your webclient (, refresh your browser page and take a look under the list of mail folders to check that things are as they should be now.