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Changes: The Kolab Now support system

As most of our users probably know, Bifrost was our support system of choice for many years. It was a great system that served us well all those years, however it also had it’s weaknesses and it is time for a change.

We have been testing a few different options and decided on how to deal with support conversations in the future.

For a period we have been running the support via shared folders in our infrastructure (yes: all of this can be done with Kolab!), while we were testing, deploying and configuring a new system. This new system will help our customers and ourselves to better separate and keep track of the conversations, and it will help us execute within the improved support workflow.

The first instance of the system will be added into production today, Friday 2023-10-13 (‘Friday the 13’th – what could possibly go wrong.. ;-).

Customers will see that all communication with support will happen via the email address:

Also the support form on the website will work as before. It will open a new ticket in the new system.

The support conversations will now (again) get assigned to a ticket and associated with an ID number. All conversations about one issue can again be referred to via that number. When commenting on already existing tickets the specific ticket number needs to be added to the subject line of the mail (with a hash in front); like this:



The next release will give you access to list and manage your own tickets online via a web interface. We expect that to be released in November. Stay tuned for more about that!

As usual for any comments or feedback feel free to get in touch with us via