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Announcing Service Window: 25th of October 2023

The operations team is going to make an update to the Kolab Now dashboard applications framework. Therefore we declare a service window on:

Wednesday 2023-10-25 from 07:00 UTC until 09:00 UTC.

The update will not apply any new features, but it will move the running admin applications into a new stable location under new monitoring – all in line with our focus on reliability and stability.

Users who, at the time of the service window, are working on the dashboard (e.g. payment systems, user creations or other admin activities at will see a short break of connection when the actual switchover is happening.

The update will not have any impact on the webmail, the IMAP, SMTP or ActiveSync frontend or backend servers – so if you are ‘just’ sending and reading emails you should not experience any interruptions at all.

Before, during and after the service window, users can follow the progress in this Kolab Now blog post.

Should you have any issues in this or any other context, before or after the service window, then please contact Kolab Now Support.


2023-10-25 @ 07:55 UTC Update: Work is done. The move was successful. The service window has ended.