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Incident report: Spool overflow filling up disk..

On Monday 2024-07-01 early evening (CEST) a spammer attempted to use a Kolab Now account for sending out large amounts of spam. The Kolab Now exit spam filter was sorting out the spam and redirecting it, as it was supposed to do, and none of the spam was sent out. The spammer was however stubborn and kept up the sending, which subsequently was filling up a disk and hence blocking traffic. Due to ongoing maintenance on the monitoring, the full disk was unfortunately not discovered until Tuesday morning, when the problem was immediately corrected, and queued mails were again flowing in both directions.

The problem caused a group of users (about 30%) to be unable to receive mail, and sent mail was queued until the space was again freed up and spooling was possible. No mail should have been lost during the incident.

The missing monitoring has been put back into action, and the Kolab Now Engineering team is evaluating changes that will prevent the situation from repeating.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this incident may have caused.