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Announcing Service Window: Deploying new User administration

It’s time!

If you followed our blog over the latest months, surely you have seen that we are working on our new user management module (called HKCCP). This is the module that manage your cockpit; it is where you login when you want to set and change the features supported by your subscription such as Mobile Connectivity, 2FA, Disk space’, etc..

We are now in a position to release and deploy the first production iteration of the module, and we therefore announce a service window for:

Sunday 13th of September 2020, between 07:00 UTC and 11:00 UTC 17:30 UTC. 

During that period the cockpit will be unavailable for a short period, but there will be no impact on other feature or functionality of the service. If you are not working with the cockpit during that time you will not experience any issues at all.

What will change?

Your login to the webmail will stay as it is. No changes there.

In the cockpit, first and foremost, our payment system will change. In this post we described how we will be moving to a “Pay As You Go” model. You will be able to update your account balance at any time, and only the selections of your subscribed services will be invoiced.

We also change payment provider to ‘mollie’, which put’s us in a position to select and automate more payment options in the future without too much interruptions for you.

You will not be able to change your password through the webclient anymore. This will happen through the cockpit.

The first production iteration is created so that the features are very close to the same set as in the old system. However, the new architecture of the module makes it relatively ‘easy’ for us to make changes and updates, the first of which has been hinted in this post.

The new user management module will be the first of our systems that run on our brand new IBM Power9 infrastructure, which means that this part of the system is now ready to have hardware enabled encryption for data at rest. Our service has just become one step more user friendly, private and secure.



It will be easier to find the tabs that you need on the dashboard.
You do not have to go through an invoice to make payments; Invoices will be paid automatically (if the funds are available on your account).
Create and manage extra email user accounts for friends, family or colleagues.