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How do server side (sieve) filters work again?

Posted on: September 19th, 2022 by

Kolab Now offers a mail filtering feature. That makes it possible to apply a series of actions to specifically selected incoming emails, so that incoming mail meeting a certain criteria can be automatically processed by the server and handled/organized according to the defined actions. For example the server can move the message to a specified folder, redirect it to another account, send a reply, discard, delete, etc for as long as the defined criteria is fulfilled.

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Important: DNS settings @KolabNow

Posted on: July 13th, 2022 by

This goes out to those users who joined our service back in the days when it was still called MyKolab.

(Note: No emails were hurt during the writing of this blog post)

In 2015 our service changed its name from MyKolab to Kolab Now – as we know it today.

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Kolab Now: Our prices explained

Posted on: May 19th, 2022 by

For all the fellows out there who are interested in our product and service we would like to explain today again the difference of individual & group accounts and prices that apply.

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The strengths of the Kolab calendar: part 2

Posted on: April 20th, 2022 by

Hello again everyone. Last weeks part 1 of the strengths of the Kolab calendar coped with the calendar in general, colorized events, calendar lists, and scheduling & editing of events.

Today the journey continues and we will dive deeper in the scheduling & editing of events and cover topics like event invitations & notifications – and sharing of calendars and subscribing to them.

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Kolab Now @ Swiss Cyber Security Days

Posted on: March 31st, 2022 by

A few years in a row, the Swiss Cyber Security Days have brought specialists and cyber security industry leaders together in the context of Swiss cyber security. This year the event is falling on 06 & 07 of April, and unlike last year, where the event was run as a ‘virtual get together’ it is housed in the Forum Fribourg.

Being specialists in this field, Apheleia IT (and so, Kolab Now) will be represented in Fribourg. You will be able to meet us there, discuss our future plans and vision with our team, and get a view of our enterprise offering; CyComm.

We will be happy to talk to you there.


The strengths of the Kolab Calendar: Part 1

Posted on: March 23rd, 2022 by

At Kolab Now we love the feedback that we get from our users. It gives us a picture of what we do right, and where we need to improve. We hear which features users love and which they don’t. And that is how we learned, that one of the most valued and most used Kolab features is the calendar.

Why is that, and what things are so great about it? We decided to share our experiences with a few great calendar features in this series of posts. This first part will discuss the calendar in general, colorized events, calendar lists, and scheduling & editing of events.

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Happy New Year 2022

Posted on: December 17th, 2021 by

Ladies and Gentlemen,

another turbulent and exciting year, 2021, soon comes to an end!

We want to thank all y’all for your support, and for being or becoming a part of the Kolab Now family. We hope you enjoy and value our product and services the same way that we enjoy providing them.

As always, we like to improve, and for that we need your opinions. For things that you especially like or dislike, please feel free to send us your input to Feedback helps us to make Kolab Now even greater every day!

Are your friends and family already on Kolab Now? If not, here is a small gift for the holiday season:

New Kolab Now sign-ups (individual or group accounts) will receive a 22% discount for the duration of 6 months when signing up before the 31.12.2021 with the voucher code WELCOME2022.

Here is how it works step by step:

  1. Go to and choose individual or group account
  2. Enter your name and set an external e-mail address
  3. Receive the registration code
  4. Set your Kolab Now identity and enter the voucher code WELCOME2022
  5. Wait till your Mailbox is being created and start the magic!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Kolab Now team!



How Kolab Meet and integrated collaborative editing boosted my Christmas preparations

Posted on: November 12th, 2021 by

And.. its around the corner again – Christmas!

Every year it is a very special time for me and my family. The days get shorter, everyone slows down and reflects on the busy year at home with cups of tea and hot chocolate on the couch, covered in a warm blanket.

At the same time it means Christmas preparations. We are a big family with more than 56 members spread over different cities and countries, gathering each year on different locations to enjoy the Christmas days together. Now the cozy moments on the edge of the commencing winter start to get hectic. Dinner plans have to be made, wish lists to be exchanged and discussed, invitations & Christmas cards have to be designed.

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